1. An especially enriched environment that is intended to help a small group of specially selected
ndividuals develop and design a new idea by escaping routine organizational procedures.

2. A competitive women's mountain bike team based in/around Chicago.

What is Skunkworks Racing?

Skunkworks Racing is a competitive team of female mountain bikers based in Chicagoland. We are dedicated to racing competitively at mid- and elite-levels and growing our sport locally. We strive to create unity around women’s mountain biking through sportsmanship, community, and peer support. We demonstrate positivity in our actions and words towards each other and other women—always.

Why Skunkworks?

Skunkworks is a term that was originated by research and development teams in the aeronautics and tech industries. As a small team of specially selected riders, we identified with the themes of innovation, development, and stepping out of standard constraints and limits. As racers, we want to push past what is available to women who love to ride the dirt, but reside in a major urban area. We hope to unite our community, breaking down the exclusivity common with cycling teams.

Join us!

Interested in joining us? Want more information? Send us an email at