UPB Computraining for winter!

Indoor computraining is a great way to get some fitness while it’s a little too chilly to ride outside. My personal rule is that I don’t like to ride outside if it is under 48 degrees and it’s not cross season. Others are tougher in this regard and for that, I salute you. However, I am not as disciplined as I should be to sit on my trainer by myself in my basement alone for regular workouts and very much prefer to have company. Good thing I have a solution to that: I head to Ultimate Pro Bikes.
Ultimate Pro Bikes (aka UPB) located in Countryside recently expanded their space and has started offering core classes in the evenings. Joe, owner and cyclist, has regular computraining classes Tuesday through Saturday where you can gain fitness quickly. Now is the time of year where the classes are focused on endurance building so it’s a great time to start.
Since riding your bike indoors can be a tad boring, here are some tips to make it super fantastic (or Skunk-tastic!).
1.    Nudge friends to commit to riding with you.  This helps with motivation and seeing friends always makes you feel good. Also, misery loves company. Sidebar:
     a.    We schedule special “Skunk” days for the Skunkworks team to take a class together. Half the team is in the city with the other half scattered throughout the ‘burbs.
     b.    Joe is really great about drop in classes and he works with us to find a good time for our class.
     c.    I think it makes Joe look super cool to have a badass group of women mountain bikers in his shop training.
2.    Try to have a few good playlists that will distract you.  I am pretty sensitive to music so I’ve bargained with Joe to play my lists.
3.    Invent new games with the group. This is my favorite thing but probably annoys most of the quiet people in class. Here are some examples:
     a.    Assign each person in class to tell a funny story or joke during each longer resting interval.
     b.    Conduct a competition of strongest rider (power to weight ratio). For a chunk of time, max effort. Keep track of the numbers on a whiteboard and rank them.
     c.    Play “would you rather…”. Would you rather give up cheese or wine for the rest of your life? (Again, questions asked during recovery time. If you can talk during the interval, you aren’t doing the workout right).
4.    Find ways to reward yourself as you make it through a hard workout.
     a.    I brew herbal tea and put in a travel mug that sits in my car for after computraining. When I am done with the workout, I have a nice treat that reminds me of a spa.
     b.    Put a star sticker on your calendar (remember those star charts from grade school? I loved those)
     c.    Go out for coffee with your new friends who train at UPB.
Joe is happiest if you tell him the workout was terrible (i.e., it hurt, you sweat a lot, your legs are jelly, etc). If you head to UPB, tell him KHO sent you. No seriously, tell him. I get stars for my star chart.

KHO (pronounced kay-ho)