Sponsor Spotlight!! - Payroc

Greetings from Payroc, Skunks and Skunk Fans! We have been so EXCITED to sponsor the Skunkworks ladies for their second successful season.

Here at Payroc we are passionate about helping businesses improve their electronic payment acceptance experience. Every member of the Payroc family wants what’s best for our clients, most of whom are members of the communities where we live. Payroc believes giving back to our communities and helping others pursue their own passions and dreams helps make the world a better place for everyone.

Where did Payroc begin? What are you up to now?  Way back in 2003. The original Payroc office had four people sharing two offices. We had to take turns making sales calls on our Motorola RAZR flip phones.

Since then we have grown to 50 employees with offices in two states. Payroc currently processes over $4 billion in annual credit card volume through our two organizations, Payroc and iTransact. We attribute our success and growth by centering our business on the simple concept that “people do business with people.”  In case you were wondering we all still have RAZR flip phones.

What does Payroc do? We move money. Payroc is the hand behind the scenes that moves funds from your credit card to the business where you shop’s bank account. We utilize the credit card processing networks of two large processing companies to accomplish this. This allows us flexibility and scalability when seeking a payment solution to fit a client’s needs. We can process payments of all shapes and sizes; from processing on a mobile phone to your web store we do it all.

I own a business and all you payment processors are the same! That’s not the case. Large financial institutions and CPA firms choose Payroc as their preferred Payments Partner. We have the ability to provide a solution for businesses both large and small. We align ourselves with our core values of Pricing Clarity, Exception Services, Trusted Advice, Personal Relationships, and Integrity.

I don’t like my payment processor! Please help me!! Rates, fund holds, and businesses using outdated equipment. We’ve heard it all and seen it all. WE CAN HELP YOU! Payroc will be your business’s partner and NOT just a vendor. The first step is to contact Jim Fahey. If he’s not watching the Skunks race he will respond quickly and provide you with an analysis of your current processing platform.  The best part is that if you end up deciding to go with Payroc for processing you are not only getting a leg up on your payment processing and gaining a business partner, but you will also be working with a company that believes strongly in giving back to the community through charitable support and providing sponsorship support for organizations like Skunkworks Racing.