Make sure your ride doesn't stink: 10 things we use

When you spend a lot of time on your bike, over time you will surely go out for a ride and finish thinking "man, that stinks!" Whether it's the dreaded bonk, dehydration, flat tires, crashing or getting lost--almost all of these pitfalls can be avoided. After spending many years riding and learning the hard way, we're happy to share our favorite items to make sure your ride doesn't stink!

10. Multi tool

Having a multi-tool that is super-capable is extremely important for mountain bikers. I'm a fan of the Topeak Hexus II  because it is small enough to fit in a jersey pocket during a race or fast trail ride, and has a chain tool, torx wrench, tire levers, all your standard hex wrenches, and even spoke wrenches. This tool should get you out of most pinches on the trail!



9. CO2 cartridge and inflation device

I have to be honest, on most trail rides I prefer to run light and not carry too much stuff. Maybe I'm pressing my luck, but because I run tubeless, I usually only bring a CO2 cartridge and inflation device. The Genuine Innovations Air Chuck Elite CO2 inflator is super small, light, and works really well. Don't forget to get the 20g CO2 so you can fill your big MTB tires!

Screen Shot 2017-04-01 at 9.37.23 AM.png

8. First aid kit

After taking a spill on they trail and suffering some pretty nasty trail rash, I was really happy someone had a first aid kit on them. Ever since that crash, I always carry a pocket-sized first aid kit in my pack.


7. NBS Nutrition Hydration mix

We skunks are big fans of the NBS Hydration mix. "Nutrition in the pocket, hydration in the bottle" is a nutrition philosophy to live by, and this mix is made with that in mind. Light in calories and a specific mix of carbohydrates make it easy on the stomach, and it's crafted to work with female athletes' physiology. The lemon and pineapple flavors are the bees knees, and they come in gender-specific formulas to fuel your body correctly for your anatomical needs. #womenarenotsmallmen


6. Honey Stinger Chews / gels

Remembering to eat during a hot, intense mountain bike race where it's hard to get my hands off the handlebars is always hard. I have a well-known strategy of sticking my snacks to my top tube. The Honey Stinger organic energy chews are my favorite. They are small, softer than many other "blocks," and made from organic ingredients which make all of the skunks happy. Another team favorite are the organic energy gels


5. Honey Stinger waffles

A good handful of Skunks on our team are gluten free. So when we are out on a long ride and craving more solid food than gels or chews, the gluten free Honey Stinger waffles are where it's at!


4. Trail map

Sounds silly, but having a dry trail map is absolutely necessary. I'm a fan of the ones I have that are printed on a bandana. Waterproof!

3. NBS Goodnight

Ever do a hard ride and wake up with your legs aching or feeling like you can't get them to relax? Or workout at night and have a hard time falling asleep? If so, the NBS Goodnight is for you. Formulated by Stacy Simms, this awesome product has tart cherry powder to help you sleep and the right mix of protein and carbohydrates to help you recover. No more jimmy legs, which means you get the sleep you need for great recovery so tomorrow's ride doesn't stink!

2. NBS Preload

Super hot races or super long races require a special approach to hydration. Using a hyper-hydrator the day before an event will help your body retain the water stores it needs and helps prevent dehydration in the most difficult of conditions. The NBS Preload hyper-hydration works!

1. NBS Recovery

Right after finishing a hard workout, it's important to replenish protein and carbs to assist in the repair of muscles and restoring glyocogen stores. The NBS Recovery mix is made with the ideal ratio of carbs to protein for each gender's optimal recovery, and tastes awesome because it uses real organic vanilla beans. And if you ride a lot, recovery after a hard ride is super important to keep you riding for many days in a row.

Use the code SKUNKZ10 at to try some of the NBS products for yourself.