Skunkworks Team Camp Recap

Better late then never!  What happens when 10 fabulous ladies get together to ride mountain bikes for a long weekend in Brown County, IN?  FIND OUT in this do not miss feature film!  

A few weeks ago, the Skunks gathered in Nashville, Indiana aka Brown County (BroCo) for the second annual team training camp! It was very exciting, particularly because last year’s camp was almost totally rained out! And although winter was mild in Chicago, it was wet, and most of us hadn’t been to dirt church in a while. Personally, I was really itching to ride and BroCo does not disappoint!

All 10 team riders were able to come, and it was absolutely wonderful! We rented a big house, with a large fireplace, porch, and hot tub… the skunks like to chill after a day’s riding!! We ate amazing food too- Kristen brought some incredible raclette and Catherine cooked up delicious tacos- it was all so delicious! Even leftovers on Day 3 were better than how I eat 90% of the time, so I was in heaven. And we needed the calories because we rode hard over four consecutive days. We also got to test out all of the NBS Hydration and recovery mixes, which we loved! They were critical to keeping us performing strong mile after mile!!

So about the shred... Brown County State Park has about 30 miles of single track in deciduous forests that resemble the Smoky Mountains. There are many fun loops with nice elevation changes- so you can get really fast! It’s super fun because the trails are totally berm’d out with lots of flow, making it perfect for group rides and base building.

I had some unfinished business from last year when Becky and I got DENIED in Bobcat Bowl!! That trail was still under construction in 2016 and we had to bushwack over several large trees and ravines…then it suddenly stopped and became an “out and back.”  We went back this year to settle the score- and it was awesome!  The drop into the bowl has a few really techy sections, and the loop gives you some no-joke exposure, so it’s really fun and I highly recommend it!

But the best part of the whole trip was simply getting to ride and hang out with the other skunks- we just have a ton of fun together! I loved watching my team mates clean a descent, float a tricky line, or bunny hop a huge roller.  And by the fourth day, we were really getting loose- bombing descents, wheelie practice, and rock bonking were all on the menu. It was GREAT.

Skunkworks is team of women who love to race, but at heart, we’re just really passionate about mountain biking, sharing it with a community of women, and spending time in nature. For me, nothing is more rewarding, and I feel so grateful to have this group of incredibly fun women to do it with!! Part of our mission is to encourage and bring women together around this sport we love, and we certainly accomplished that last month! So, now we just need to decide where camp should be next year... Any suggestions?

We want to thank our sponsors Payroc, Breakthrough Nutrition, Chicago Chiropractic & Sports Medicine, Snowy Mountain Photography, Epic Cycle and Fitness, Ultimate Pro Bikes, Honey Stinger and Johnny Sprockets for your support this season- we couldn’t do it without you!!!

Video by Lindsey, post by Alicia.