Becky Mikrut

MTB Category: 1
Years mountain biking: 9
Nickname: BW, Bekasaurus, becks
Hometown: Muskegon, MI
Other team affiliations: Kinky Llama Racing
Disciplines: Mountain, Cyclocross
Extracurricular Activities: Ride leader/ organizer of Chicago Womens’ Dirt Days, volunteer at West Town Bikes, cooking, rock climbing, painting.
Special Skills: Wheelies, cat whispering, random fact recollection, making pretty pictures
Favorite trails to ride: Demonstration Forest in Santa Cruz, CA, Mendocino State Forest, CA
I am most proud of: Finally mastering the j-hop! 
I ride bikes because: It’s moving meditation. Freedom, speed, thrill, and connection with the earth. Quiet time in nature! It feeds my inner introvert and my thrill-seeking side.

Nancy Heymann

MTB Category: 2
Years mountain biking: 24
Nickname: mountain goat (from the days when I was too scared to descend, and I climbed faster than I went down)
Hometown: Highland Park
Other team affiliations: Verdigris-Village
Disciplines: Mountain, Cyclocross, sometimes road and track
Extracurricular Activities: Sailing, skiing, hiking, walking my dog and being a mom (no longer a day job for me)
Special Skills: Bike cleaning, cookie baking
Favorite trails to ride: Kettle Moraine, CAMBA trails near Hayward
I am most proud of: mastering log-overs
I ride bikes because: I love the camaraderie of group rides and the quiet contemplation time on solo rides. I ride mountain bikes because I love the sights, smells and sounds of the forest, and you get the fun of a group ride with quiet solo time as well. Plus there’s nothing quite as much fun as ripping down a fast, technical downhill on your bike!



Lindsey Fahey

MTB Category:  Cat 2
Years mountain biking: 5
Nickname: Fahey, Edith
Hometown: Frankfort, IL
Other team affiliations:  Spidermonkey Cycling
Disciplines: Mountain, CYCLOCROSS, road on occasion
Extracurricular Activities:  Skiing, drinking coffee, mosaics, climbing, camping, no really, i like camping….
Special Skills:  Attracting animals, making up songs, eating cheeseburgers
Favorite trails to ride: Kettle connector, Emerald Mountain, Steamboat Springs, CO.
I am most proud of: Sticking to it!!  Cycling is a hard sport, but for some reason I keep coming back for more!  I think because it is so hard and has never come easy it is something I continue to find the motivation to work at and find new challenges in each year.
I ride bikes because:  I love how it is the perfect medium of travel. It's not too fast (like a car) so you can take in the sights, sounds and smells around you but it is not too slow either.  You can cover over 100 miles in a day!


Kristen Hosey

MTB Category:  Cat 2
Years mountain biking: 3
Nickname: KHO
Hometown: Western Springs
Other team affiliations: Ultimate Pro Bikes (UPB Cycling)
Disciplines: Mountain, Cyclocross, Road
Extracurricular Activities: Raising strong, healthy girls. Coordinating events for grown ups that you would typically expect kids to do (such as annual trick or treating fun run with friends). Yoga. Reading. Laundry. Drinking coffee. 
Special Skills:  Homemade trophy making (I love gold metallic spray paint), second guessing and backseat driving
Favorite trails to ride: West loop trail, banked section in 9 Mile Forest (Wausau)
I am most proud of: Finishing 24 hour Wausau 4 person co-ed race
I ride bikes because:  Requires me to stay in the moment. Allows me to continually push myself beyond what I thought was possible. Makes me happy. Its a family sport.


Amy Ancheta

MTB category: 2
Years mountain biking: 10
Nickname:  "I don't have any. I'm boring."
Hometown: Brookfield, WI

Other team affiliations:  Spidermonkey Cycling
Disciplines: Mountain, CX
Extracurricular Activities:  Cooking, eating, backpacking, kayaking, beauty product connoisseur
Special Skills: I make a mean salad, singing and making up songs
Favorite trails to ride: Danky Dank and Ojibwe CAMBA trails
I am most proud of:  Racing the entire WORS series in 2013
I ride bikes because: I like riding fast, being outside, and learning to conquer new technical spots on the trail. 


Catherine Watkins 


Ashley Cova


Jessica Whiton


Ashley Moore


Lindsay Knight